Miracle Studio Pass

Miracle Studio Pass

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2x Amazing releases per month!
£9.99 (approx $11.24)

I run one of few full time magic studios in the country and now I am bringing my studio to you. I am super excited to be opening my doors to let you in.

Once you are in, I will teach you incredible close up magic, mind reading, close up, stage and parlour, business tips and so much more.

Every month, I will send you TWO AMAZING video downloads packed with EXCLUSIVE magic creations. Everything is useable, practical and will fool your audiences. Then at the end of the month we will hop online and discuss the releases in a live Zoom Video.

A little look at what is to come:

    • Nostradamus: You write something down on a card to make a prediction. A participant thinks of ANYTHING, you turn over your prediction (it never leaves your spectators view and it is not switched) and the thing they are thinking of is written on your prediction. Sound to good to be true? Well it is as clean as that!

      No electronics, nothing to go wrong & correct every single time. Sound too good to be true? This is awesome.
    • Visual Transpo: An object in your left hand VISUALLY switches place with the item in your right hand. They LITERALLY see the objects change places!

    • Alone: A playing sits facedown on the table, somebody names any card and the card on the table is the card that they just named.
    • InBox: A card to box that is so easy to perform and yet it looks impossible.
      Use this as a stand alone card to box or a finale to your favourite routine.
    • Strike: The ultimate card to box routine. It's organic, multiphased and the simplicity & genius of this will make you smile.

    • Link Em' 2.0: Over the past three years my linking rubber band routine has taken shape and is now a multiphase routine with just two rubber bands.
    • The Count: A super clean method to force ONE of FIVE cards. No strange spelling procedure, the spectator shuffles the cards and they then count to the number that they say. Any number can be named! This works with business cards, ESP cards, blank cards, photographs, playing cards or any kind of card that you want to force. Several routines provided.

    • Two card Transpo: this is my take on a classic routine and it doesn't get any slicker than this. One playing card switched places with the other.
    • All of this and so much more!

    You will join me in my studio and learn TWO incredible pieces of magic each and every month, in a HD video format!

    Guest Magicians: You will also learn material from top performing magicians from around the world.

    AND get this, these origional pieces of magic will be original to the Miracle Studio Pass. 

    What's more, it's easy to subscribe and it's easy to unsubscribe.


    Twice times a month you will receive access to new material and downloadable resources. You will also receive exclusive access to a Zoom Live to discuss the new material, ask questions if needed, learn some additional details all from the comfort of your location.

    As a huge thank you for your support and loyalty, after six months of subscribing you receive a mystery box crammed with magic worth over £50.00.

    The amount of awesomeness that I am sharing with you is electric and I am excited to share my creations with you.

    I look forward to you joining me.

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