Architect Playing Cards

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Playing cards are the primary building blocks and tools with which we create our magic. Just as an architect must carefully plan and build his structures; magicians must take equal care in structuring their effects and presentations. Architect playing cards are the perfect tribute to an art & craft that shares so much with magic.

Designed by Jared Hansen and printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, the Architect deck is truly a sight to behold. The stunning tuck box is crafted from a heavy-duty deep blue matte paper that's adorned on all sides with intricately applied silver foil.

The cards themselves have the look of a blueprint, featuring a beautiful blue & white back design with fine line work. The faces are Expert Standard with a custom DaVinci-inspired Ace of Spades and identical drawing compass Jokers. The handling is superb thanks to Damask finish, which has a medium thickness and snap with an exquisite embossing pattern and texture.

Only 5,000 of these beautiful decks will be printed.

-Designed by Jared Hansen
-Printed by EPCC
-Limited Print Run of 5,000 Decks
-Damask Finish
-Detailed Blue & White Blueprint-Style Design
-Matte Blue Tuck with Silver Foil
-DaVinci-inspired Custom Ace of Spades
-Identical Drawing Compass Jokers