Art Vanderlay LIVE

Art Vanderlay LIVE

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“What can you say about Art Vanderlay other than his brain must consistently hurt due to the amount of gold that pours out of there and onto the pages of the books that he is gracious enough to let mere mortals like you and me take pleasure in reading. It’s quite simple, really; when he speaks, you listen, you learn and you take in all you can!' - Ben Cardall

“Having been recently introduced to Art’s work, I am highly impressed. He has created several gems which I have adapted for use within my own work. Listen to his thoughts, learn from his ideas and prepare to slap yourself in the face saying "Why didn't I think of that"!” - Michael Murray

"Art Vanderlay is an inspiration. His elemental manipulation work is remarkable. Art is at the forefront of a new direction, taking mystery entertainers back to nature; the true source of all things magical. The Vanderlay perspective gives the right framework for modern audiences to experience the kind of magic that Shamans have used in ritual for thousands of years. attention to his work with language and book tests, it's top notch thinking. " - Stuart Palm

“Art Vanderlay is one of the more unique thinkers within magic but most especially when it comes to the world of the Urban~Shaman.” - Craig Browning

“Art is one of a kind. He can alter the state of mind of any given audience and also the environment! A true legend!” - Titanas

“Art is one of the very few people I continue to be amazed by. His thinking goes beyond the reach of mortal men and his ability to manipulate the world around him is simply astonishing.” - Neal Scryer

What did he teach?

5u1n6u3d - A demonstration on the abilities of imagination - Originally published in Planes Mistaken For Stars

What's On TV - A magazine test that can be done anytime, anywhere! - Originally published inReach Beyond The Sun

My Mind Or Yours - Art's business card effect whereby you read the participants mind and they read yours too! - Originally published in Reach Beyond The Sun

Inferno - Art's favourite book tests using a normal and ungimmicked book! Originally published inGiven Flight By Demons Wings

Anigram - A participant thinks of an animal, you name it! - Unreleased

Cicatriz ESP - A participant thinks of a word and it is found inside an envelope that has been onstage the entire time! - Originally published in Cicatriz ESP single ebook.

Elemental Manipulation:

Theory - How to properly present elemental manipulation including presentation, location, attitudes and more!

Cloud Therapy - A participant removes a phobia whilst also busting a cloud - Originally published inGiven Flight By Demons Wings

Cloud Eating - Reach up to the sky, remove part of a cloud and start eating it! - Unreleased

Moon Vanishing - A method of being able to vanish the moon! - Unreleased

Moon Raising - Raise the moon from the horizon! - Unreleased

S.R.S - Art's Star Reading System performed and explained in full! - Originally published in S.R.S single ebook.

The Tides Of Time - Cause a river to flow backwards! - Originally published in Planes Mistaken For Stars

Who is he?

Metal bends and twists between fingertips, thoughts are stolen from spectator’s minds, the future is foretold with impossible accuracy, time slows down, clouds vanish, the moon contorts, water flows backwards and all laws of physics are broken. Watch what you’re thinking and believe the impossible...

A student of mentalism for 15 years, and a performer for at least 7, Art Vanderlay (Matthew Townsend) burst upon the mentalism scene a number of years back. He is now respected and studied by renowned mentalists from all over the world for his groundbreaking creations and thinking. He is billed as a performer of the mystery arts, an expert in telepathy, precognition and telekinesis.

Art Vanderlay began his studies around 1999, and began doing 30 minute stage shows and walk around in pubs and clubs near his home in the UK around the age of 22. Fans of the classic American sitcom Seinfeld will notice a suspicious similarity between Matthew’s stage name, Art Vanderlay, and the name of George Costanza’s imaginary alter ego in the Seinfeld series – Art Vandelay (without the extra “r”). The character was sometimes an architect, sometimes an importer/exporter, and always someone George imagined himself to be. As Art says, he “imports people’s thoughts into his mind and exports his thoughts into other's”.

Today, with over 15 years of experience creating and performing psychic entertainment, Matthew Townsend stands out as one of the UK’s leading performers of the unknown art of mind reading and the mystery arts. Using a mixture of various underground methods, Matthew can produce miracles that defy logic, physics and rational thought. Art Vanderlay is also the world's leading expert in Elemental Manipulation. "What is Elemental Manipulation?", you may ask. This is a branch of underground magic that has been held top secret by a handful of top pros & fraudulent psychics. Matthew has studied the techniques and methods used by a handful of people, and he is now the leading expert in the field.