Atlas Brookings LIVE

Atlas Brookings LIVE

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"Atlas is a new friend and a talented one. I always look forward to everything he is willing to share and you should do the same." - Michael Weber

'Every time I have a conversation with Atlas I'm inspired, my creative juices are flowing and I get excited about mentalism all over again.' - Ken Dyne (Full time mentalist, and author of Bairn)

"Atlas is one of my favourite mentalists, having fooled and entertained me many times with his original and creative ideas." - Marc Oberon

"I won't lie. I don't really know much about Atlas and his work, but what I do know is, when he did Train-Tracking on me I was so fooled I punched the fu*k*r." - Andy Nyman

"Atlas Brookings, hands down, has one of the most deviously clever minds in the business. His efforts are always clear, direct and as close to real as you can get. I absolutely love this guy and GUARANTEE that you will too!" - Michael Murray

"Atlas Brookings is one of the creative new minds in mentalism who is enthusiastically, and with great skill, helping to define mentalism in the 21st Century. His contributions have given mentalists valuable additions to their arsenals of techniques and I predict that we'll be seeing many more innovative things from him in the years to come." - Bob Cassidy

"Atlas Brookings is outstanding, his contribution to mentalism in a relatively short space of time is phenomenal. His Train Tracking technique is as close to real mind reading as you will ever get. His work on impromptu propless mentalism has set a new standard and it actually works." - Marc Spelmann

"Atlas is shining a light on a brand new landscape for the mind reader. Opens doors previously sealed tightly shut. Watch, listen and learn." - Luke Jermay

What will he teach?

The Power of Impromptu, Propless Mentalism

Join Atlas as he examines the strengths and limitations associated with propless mentalism techniques. He'll discuss when to go propless, the correct way to present the material, and how to handle those situations when things don't go exactly as you'd planned – teaching you the right and wrong way to fail when using these approaches. Tune in and discover how to do some amazing things when you have only your wits about you. At this lecture, Atlas will teach you some of his favorite propless effects, many of which have never been published before:

CloudNine – A short personality reading that finishes with telling someone the day, month, and year they were born.

Comicle – Tell someone the name of the superhero they are thinking of.

Disney Dynamite – Name the animated Disney film you participant has in mind.

Forward Thinking – You play an association game wherein your participant only answers in their mind and selects only one of the responses they freely thought of. You then reveal their thoughts.

Imbalanced – An impromptu murder mystery game, wherein you not only name the murderer, but you reveal whether someone chose to be honest or to attempt to deceive you.

Speed Trap – Within moments of meeting someone, tell them the make and color of the car they have in their garage at home.

Quinnfluence – A series of free choices lead three participants to three random thoughts, which are then promptly revealed.