David Kaye LIVE (Silly Billy)

David Kaye LIVE (Silly Billy)

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“There is one person who could possibly convince me to perform for kids again, and his name is David Kaye.” -Jon Lovick

"There is no substitute for seeing Silly Billy in performance. ...It is difficult to imagine a more thorough or effective way to provide real-world instruction on how to entertain children." -Genii Magazine

"David Kaye is a genius in the children's entertainment. His book that he wrote should be in everyone hands who performs for kids. He knows what makes kids laugh and he knows how to take his audience on fun magic ride." -Ken Scott

"The old saying is that 'proof is in the pudding,' which means a key issue is 'does it work.' David Kaye works and his ideas work. There is much to learn from someone like him who stays so busy with his magic." -Duane Laflin

What did he teach?

  • The six most important principles to incorporate into your magic routines

  • How to create a routine for any trick you ever buy… in only five minutes

  • He’ll explain how to solve any problem you encounter at a show

  • The Jack In The Box Theory

  • The Kid Show Triangle Theory

  • How to properly perform for different age groups. Valuable expert advice

  • Routines for the milk pitcher, the mis-made flag, the Vanishing Coke, and a brand new thing he calls Sneaker Juice

  • and much more!

David’s philosophy is that a great kid’s routine has to have a high number of Interactions Per Minute. He’ll be showing several of his routines from his countless successful performances in front of real live kids, so you can see exactly what he’s talking about.

See how a top professional presents the coloring book, the crystal silk tube, and a trick he created with a change bag to increase his Interactions Per Minute up to 6! That means that about every 10 seconds the children are interacting directly in the magic.

Whether you perform exclusively for kids or just want to learn some universal techniques that apply to any magic routine, this lecture will definitely offer you something to take home and USE.

Who is he?

David Kaye performs all styles of magic, but the vast majority of his time is spent performing as his clown character that we all know and love… Silly Billy.

David is the only children’s magician ever to appear on the covers of six different international magic magazines, including Magic and Genii. He wrote a column in Magic magazine for eight years and currently writes for Genii and appears regularly in both Reel and Magic magazine.

He’s been on TV many times, including Celebracadabra, Comedy Central, and the David Letterman Show.

Whether you perform for children or not, David has some amazing insights and practical philosophy to share with you from his highly successful career.