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Geoff Williams LIVE - Download Card

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"You were the highlight of the entire convention. A HUGE hit!" -Danny Archer

"Geoff understands what magic is all about." -Rocco

What will he teach?

Geoff will be covering some nearly self-working items as well as some more demanding pieces. There is something for EVERYBODY.
  • A Torn & Restored card effect that is super-easy to do (even though the card is signed on BOTH SIDES)
  • A bare-handed card levitation
  • The 'I Hate David Copperfield' Trick
  • A Linking Rubber Bands effect that is TOTALLY INVISIBLE (even though the spectator is CLOSELY watching your hands)
  • The PROPER way to move silverware with your mind (yep, lots of folks do it wrong)
  • Memorizing cards made easy
  • A killer 3-coin production from seemingly-empty hands
  • A simplified multiple selection routine for people who have shyed away from learning one
  • A multitude of tips on how to make the Invisible Deck EASIER (and even MORE invisible)
  • A 5-phase "progressive betting" routine that uses other people's money and is pure theatre
  • Tips on crafting comedy (and why you SHOULD use comedy in your magic)
  • Variations and improvements on miracles by such luminaries as Ed Marlo, John Mendoza, Don England and others.
  • and lots more!

Who is Geoff Williams

A three-time "Magician of the Year" through the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Geoff is a full-time professional entertainer who has won over two dozen comedy and magic awards over his 28-year career. He's performed and lectured in over 17 countries and throughout most of the U.S., has written for "The Late Show with David Letterman" and is a frequent performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Geoff adds a hilarious, astounding and MEMORABLE experience to any events he performs at.

He offers cutting-edge sleight of hand illusions mixed with an offbeat, zany sense of humor. His shows are filled with unforgettable illusions and stunts.

Geoff's magic shows are high energy, family-friendly and suitable for all ages (no off-color material). With lots of audience interaction, this act plays very big without having to rely on bulky, "suspicious-looking box" tricks

Geoff is probably best known for his "I Hate David Copperfield' trick which was on Penguin Magic's online Top Ten list for almost a year!

Geoff also specializes in close-up, strolling illusions (some which happen right in the spectators' hands). Geoff is one of the elite members of the ultra-exclusive 4F Convention, a "by invitation ONLY" gathering of some of the planet's best and most-respected magicians.

Geoff is a Past President of International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring #19 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) and Society of American Magicians Assembly #136 (Tucson, AZ).