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"In reading Inspirations, the new book by Dr. Larry Hass, I can’t count the number of times I said to myself, “Larry is crazy for giving away this routine!” Really, who would give away such strong, well thought out, killer material for the price of a book? I’ll tell you who! Someone who cares deeply about the Art of Magic! Someone who wants to elevate the level of Magic. Someone who loves Magic and Magicians, that’s who. The tricks in this book are great, but the thinking behind them and the philosophy behind the thinking are even more impressive. I congratulate my friend, Dr. Larry! With the publication of Inspirations he has made a significant and long-lasting contribution to our art. This is required reading for the serious student, amateur, and professional."Lance Burton

"Larry Hass has become the contemporary Henning Nelms. [His book] Inspirations is every bit as essential to today’s thinking performers as Nelms’s Magic and Showmanship was generations ago."Ross Johnson

"Just got my hands on a preview copy of Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence. The tricks are cool, the essays are clear and to the point. The amount of wisdom, advice, information and guidance that my pal Larry Hass has managed to generate, distill, extract, and present in one book is amazing." - Mac King

"Larry Hass has personally helped me become a better magician and a deeper thinker. This book, [Transformations] will help you become a very smart magician. The routines are wonderful, the essays inspiring, and the messages profound." - Jeff McBride

"Larry Hass is not only a fantastic performer who puts meaning and love into the magic he performs, he’s also a lovely human being, which shines through and endears him to his audiences."Suzanne

"Thank you, Larry, for doing so much to help raise the intellectual level of our beloved Art of Magic!" - Juan Tamariz

"Larry Hass is an inspiring teacher and a joyful man to know."Teller

"Inspirations is a beguiling and thoughtful collection of essays and routines from one of magic’s progressive practitioners." - Rob Zabrecky

What will he teach?

Magicians typically think of magic in terms of close-up, stand-up, and stage. In this lecture, Lawrence Hass will show that there are at least seven distinct styles or venues of magic by teaching routines from his professional repertoire that are tailored for each of them. 

The Intuition Test – Lawrence’s highly acclaimed borrowed deck, magician-fooling card mystery. Sleight-free and repeatable!

How to Find Your Other Half – Lawrence’s celebrated handling for Woody Aragon’s card routine, in which an overtly mathematical sequence is replaced with a free choice!

Blind Man’s Poker – A deep-fooling version of Bob Farmer’s “Tsunami.” It sold out quickly in 2008 when it was released as a limited manuscript. Now you can learn this professional routine and all of Lawrence’s latest work on it.

A Simple Gift – A go-to, “never-leave-the-house-without-it” piece of Gift Magic. Finally on video!

Walking Through Walls – A fast, flashy piece of coin magic, and a lesson in transforming a stunt into magic.

Showdown Poker – An entertaining, in-the-hands version of the Ten-Card Poker Deal. Perfect for walk-around!

The Banded Dollar Bill – Bob Neale’s unpublished method for folding a bill into an attractive band to encircle a packet of playing cards without tape or glue!

The Impossible Prediction, 3.0 – A deeply deceptive card prediction for the parlor, platform, or stage. Strong enough to close a show.

Tale of the Rabbi Magician – Utilizing a stand-up variation of Max Maven’s “Overdose,” this magical story is one of Lawrence’s signature effects.

Test Conditions Mind Reading – A fully realized theatrical experience of mind reading. A participant THINKS of any playing card and, without pumping, pre-show, or stooging, you name it.

Who is he?

Lawrence Hass, Ph.D. is the Associate Dean of Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, and former Professor of Philosophy and Theater Arts at Muhlenberg College. In 2010, he retired early from college teaching to pursue magic full time as a performer, teacher, and author.

Lawrence Hass creates magic shows that mix astonishing, artistic magic with ideas that lift the spirit. He performs at theaters, nightclubs, universities, public conferences, and corporate events all across America and internationally.

Dr. Hass has won multiple awards both as a writer and as an inspirational teacher of magic. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books for magicians, including Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence and Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks.

Lawrence Hass’s visionary approach to magic as an art form has been featured in leading international media, including the New York Times, USAToday, on National Public Radio and the Discovery Channel, and in his recent TEDx Talk.