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Mark Strivings LIVE - Download Card

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"Mark Strivings is a brilliant creator and innovator of mentalism." - Banachek The list of performers use Mark's material reads like a 'Who's Who' of magic and mentalism. Mark is the author of over 20 books and just as many videos on various aspects of magic and mentalism and has nearly 60 commercial releases to his credit. Mark is a full-time performer, author and creator of magic and mentalism based out the Denver area. Mark will be lecturing on three basic areas: 1. Walk Around Mentalism (the trade term that Mark actually started nearly 20 years ago) Yes, he is to blame for the surge in strolling and walkaround mentalism since the early 90's. He has written two complete books on the subject ('Mobile Mentalism, Vols. I & II) as well as releasing several commercial effects in the genre. 2. Formal close up mentalism This is material that, while not necessarily ideal for strolling circumstances, is perfect for virtually all other close up venues and situations. Perfect for times when you just want something with you to perform at a moment's notice. 3. The 50/50 Principle This simple principle/subtlety allows for some absolutely mind blowing miracles and takes tricks that are even commonplace amongst magicians and turns them into miracles that fool literally everyone.