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Mickael Chatelain LIVE - Download Card

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“Michael is one of the best creators of magic effects in the world!” -Paul Harris

"Mickael is one of our best magic creators. His effects are powerful, visual and clever. Get ready to be fooled and impressed!" -Boris Wild

Mickael Chatelain successfully creates and offers some amazing card gimmicks that allow us all to perform some minor miracles." -Wayne Kawamoto

Mickael Chatelain's creative mind and brilliant inventions have astounded audiences over the world. He will be sharing his best kept secrets and creations that have been developed over years of performing as a professional magician.

What will he teach?

Mental Parano
An incredible prediction under impossible conditions.

Painting Card
Change the color of any signed card!

Bill Flash Card
A visual transformation of a bank note into the spectator's playing card!

Impossibly pass solid through solid in the spectators’ hands.

The Lane
A simple self-sticking label finds a freely selected card.

In Air
One of the fastest changes in the world! Four cards are transformed into four others in plain sight.

Here is a brand-new version of the Ambitious Card! Rather than leap to the top of the deck, the card is discovered under the cellophane of the card case!

The Ambitious Card, reworked by Mickael. A version that will surely fool you.

A chosen card is torn into four pieces in front of the spectator. The pieces melt together in full view!

Easily cause any coin to pass through any cellophane.

Drawings on your card box VISUALLY morph. Shocking and surreal

Know which card was removed from a deck in less than 5 seconds!

Zig-Zag Card
A unique take on a classic effect.