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Mike Pisciotta LIVE - Download Card

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“Mike Pisciotta is the hidden gem of the Magic Castle. Now, less hidden.” - Max Maven

“If pure magic, blooming effortlessly in moments and surprises, without ego, hype or pretense was a lost art, Mike Pisciotta has found it.” - Michael Carbonaro

“I have a very short list of performers I could watch rock a crowd forever. Mike Pisciotta is on my top five list.” - Eric Jones

“Best magician I’ve seen!! Mike Pisciotta, you blew our minds!” - Laura Prepon

“Best magician I’ve ever seen, really great!” - Ozzy Osbourne

“Mike did a trick at my party that made me lose my mind. I want it back!” - Nathan Fillion

“Mike Pisciotta pulled four lemons out of thin air and set the party on fire! Thanks Mike.” - John Mulaney

“Absolutely incredible magician!” - Charlize Theron

What will he teach?

Mike's Opener – Showing off a bit of skill, a one-handed cut finds the wrong card, and a fancier cut has the same result. So, the first card changes to the selection.

The Time Lord – A chosen card time-travels, switching places with the ace of spades, not once, but twice. Only then does Mike reveal he knew all along what the card would be.

Jokers Thru Time – A card appears face-down among four face-up jokers. This card is set aside. Then, a selected card vanishes from among the jokers. And get this... the card set aside earlier... no, it's not the selected card... it's all four jokers! And where they were a moment ago, that is the selected card.

Shaken Not Stirred – A deck, shuffled face-up into face-down, is trapped in a cocktail shaker and a single card is chosen from another deck. When the shaker is shaken, instead of mixing the cards, it straightens them all out... all but the chosen card. The perfect bar trick using Mike's new method.
Boxing Match – An impromptu card thru box using borrowed decks.

Coming Up – A selected card rises out of the middle of the deck with no gimmicks and no threads.
Flying Sandwich – A transposition sandwich routine that fools magicians. Two red aces jump from one half of a deck to the other to find the selected card.

Simple Evanescence – A repeat, no palm card to wallet effect. Super-clean and instantly repeated while the wallet is in full view.

Who is he?

Mike Pisciotta is an award winning comedian, performer and bar magician based in Los Angeles, CA. The Academy of Magical Arts recently named Mike their 2015 Close-Up Magician of the Year. Besides having an impressive list of celebrity and corporate clients, Mike serves as the only resident bar magician for the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.