Peter Eggink LIVE

Peter Eggink LIVE

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"I can't imagine a better way to end an Ambitious Card routine. It's damn near perfect." -David Acer

"Ace Oddity" is simply wonderful. So much effect in so little time, very stunning!" -Tommy Wonder

"There have been many versions of borrowed-object-to-impossible-location, but Peter's 'Exit ' has the most cunning, direct and elegant method imaginable. The result is an effect with the feel of pure, undiluted magic." -David Regal

"Transferred is excellent! Just excellent!!!! Very clever and I can only imagine the impact it must have on an audience. Completely flabbergasting to them, an effect like that would have to be. Great job." -Reed McClintock

"HOLE is one of the best close-up illusions ever released. Spectators give the reactions you only see when magic is performed TV." -Zombie Magic

What will he teach?

In addition to performing and explaining some of his marketed effects, he'll also focus on his handling of some essential basics like the Double Lift and Top Change.

He'll also discuss personality, presentation, people skills, and how to become successful as a magician.


Nothing (Peter's OPENER)
A lot of magic in a very short time with NO cards.

Card Transpo
A Signed card transposition that takes place in-between the spectator’s hands.

Peter's take on the Ambitious card routine.

Copy Cash
Turn a blank piece of paper into a photocopy and then into a real bill.

Ace Oddity
A reality twisting Ace Assembly effect.

A card is revealed in a photo, sealed inside a Key fob.

A signed card visually rises from the bottom to the top of a deck.

The Hole
An organic moving hole effect.

A super visual color change.

A stunning signed card to card case.

An astonishing prediction effect that uses tic-tacs.

A visual sandwich effect where a random card visually changes into the spectator's signed card.

Who is he?

Peter's name is well known in the field of magician, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects. Many established magicians will have already heard of Peter's name through his involvement in the creation of some of the most creative and imaginative magical effects on the market.

With over 20 years of experience working as a professional magician, he knows the real secrets, and he's going to reveal them to you.