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Pierric LIVE - Download Card

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"Humour and skill combined with smart ideas and perfect timing. Pierric is a joy to watch." - R. Paul Wilson

"Pierric always surprises me with new subtle effects, or methods…" - Gaëtan Bloom

"Pierric has been a friend and an inspiration for more years than I care to count. His numerous FISM awards alone should tell you that this is someone you do not want to miss." - Michael Weber

What will he teach?

Vanishing biscuit : This is Pierric’s opening trick that he uses in corporate and theater shows. From an old clown gag, this trick is simple to do, short and a great way to state the style of the show that’s going to follow.

Card production : This production has always been a favourite of Pierric's repertoire. He has developed thoughout the years a lot of finesses, techniques and thinking around this classical discipline.

Pierric’s shuttle pass : This new coin move and its different applications will be taught in the context of a three coin vanish.

Homage to Paul Le Paul: An adaptation of three card tricks from LePaul classic book

The Trapdoor : This is the first trick Pierric invented and which got him first place in the close-up category at the French Championship and at the International Brotherhood of magicians in Bruxelles in 1997 at age 16.

Pierric will also talk about topitting, sleeving, comedy, creativity and his experience at FISM.

Who is he?

Pierric is a professional magician, actor, author and director. He works in a lot of different fields, from big theaters to corporate shows, from television to radio.

Born in 1981, Pierric started drama school in 1986. Since then, he has been working on numerous plays, always aiming at diversifying the genres, as a comedian, as a director and as an author.

Since 1994, he has also been interested in magic. He has won several awards at international competitions, including 1st prize in the close-up magic category in the French National Championships of Magic (AFAP), as well as the International Brotherhood of Magicians in Brussels in 1997.

In 2006, he won the invention prize in the World’s Championship of Magic in Stockholm and in 2012 the 3rd prize in the World’s Championship of Magic in Blackpool. He also won the 1st prize at the International Close-up Competition Ron MacMillan London.

In 2015, he won 1st Prize Parlor Magic and Grand Prix close-up at FISM in Rimini. He’s the first Swiss magician to receive this award.

He has also been working as a consultant for film, advertisement and theatre (he was hand double of Fernando Alonzo in a Renault ad, and designed the magical effects in the show Le Concours by the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, May 2009).

Since 1999, he has regularly took part in programmes on Swiss National Television and Radio as a writer, actor or magician (he had the opportunity to perform for Alain Souchon, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc, Rodger Hudson, Stéphane Bern, Guy Marchand etc.)

Since 2008, Pierric has made seven short films influenced both by slapstick and the French New Wave. Homage to Switzerland (from Hemingway’s short story) has been selected in 6 international festivals.

His first novel, Les aventures de, a post-modern comic novel, was published in 2014.

Since 2007, he tours with his one man show Man Framed on White, mixing slapstick comedy, Magic and acting throughout Europe (around 200 performances).