Trilogy by Johnny Ace Palmer

Trilogy by Johnny Ace Palmer

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Johnny Ace Palmer was voted Best Close-up Magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood two years in a row. He is the only magician to have received both the International Brotherhood of Magician's Gold Cups Award of Excellence and the Society of American Magicians' Gold Medal Award of Honor. And, at the triennial International Federation of Magic Societies' Convention (FISM), magicians from 47 countries around the world witnessed, for the only time in the history of magic, the GRAND PRIX, magic's highest honor, being awarded to a Close-up magician - Johnny Ace Palmer.


  • DEVELOP AN AWARD WINNING ACT - Includes Performance of Johnny's award winning act. He then goes on to discuss a winning attitude, timing, standing ovation technique, and practice techniques.

  • 8-BALL PRODUCTION - Surprising, and a good lesson in classic misdirection.

  • COKE BOTTLE PRODUCTION - Johnny reveals for the first time, his Coke Bottle while giving a lesson in offbeat misdirection.

  • COIN IN THE EYE - A hilarious multi-phase routine that culminates with the coin in your eye. Johnny uses it to showcase a principal called the ‘X Effect’. Johnny goes on to discuss the Series of Three, multiple methods, camouflage, one ahead and substitution.

  • THE EGG BAG - Johnny's fast paced routine is ideal for table hoppers.

  • TOO FAST! - A card prediction and transport that's quite easy, despite the fact it has several slights.

  • THREE MAGIC SCARVES - Three silks magically vanish into one another, and the spectator pulls the last one out.

  • THE VANISHING BOBBY PIN - A Bobby Pin dematerializes at your fingertips.

  • THE HOKUS POKUS POCKET - Pull out your pocket and it mysteriously shrinks back into your pants.

  • THE MYSTERIOUS KEY - Johnny's handling for the Haunted Key.

  • SUPERFAST INTERTWISTED - A rubberband intertwines itself instantly on your fingers.

  • SLEIGHT OF HAND SCOTCH AND SODA - A method with a half dollar and dime.


  • THE TRAVELING MATCH - A match burns then vanishes only to re-appear inside the matchbook. Then the trick repeats itself in reverse! Chock full of comedy & surprises.

  • THE COIN, RING AND CARD - Johnny's "A" material and his most famous set for table hopping. Coins are manipulated then one coin transposes into your finger ring and that ring is used for a ring in rope routine. It's all topped off with a poweRful two card transposition effect that culminates with Johnny's famous Card in Shoe.

  • CLOSE UP CUPS AND BALLS - It's Johnny's version designed specifically for table hopping.

  • THE INVISIBLE DECK - Long underrated by purveyors of sophisticated sleight of hand, this is one of those rare feats that come across as real magic. You haven't seen the invisible deck till you see Johnny do it. He delivers all the subtleties, the production of the card box from your empty hands, the jokes and, most important, some memory tips to make sure you never blow it!

  • COIN UNDER WATCH- Johnny's version of this classic that incorporates a spectacular vanish.

  • CARD IN SHOE- One of the most deceptive and mind blowing tricks you'll do. The signed selection mysteriously moves hither through the deck and then vanishes only to appear folded up in your shoe! None of the previous versions have been as strong as this one - it incorporates several very deceptive moves into a single trick and comes up with something amazing and entirely new.

  • COIN THROUGH TABLE- Clean, with the Gallo Backfire.

  • CARD ON CEILING- Johnny's most requested closer, with convincers that make it seam impossible.

  • CRAZY MAN'S HANDCUFFS- Smooth and effortless. Perhaps the greatest magic effect of all time...

  • 7-Up - A production of a bottle of 7-up from your bare hands! It's a mini sized bottle (you were just a little thirsty).