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Vinny Marini LIVE - Download Card

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"Vinny Marini, the "Godfather" of Magic will make you an offer that you cannot refuse... If you want to see a different point of view and learn some great stuff, take a look at Vinny's work!" - Paul Green

"With Vinny, you will see a lecture that is full of new material and great personality. This is one lecture I would highly recommend watching. He is always working and performing, so this should prove his material is audience-tested and very practical. I highly recommend it! This is a lecture you can't refuse." - Sal Piacente

"Vinny's life is creating magic for and sharing his skills/ideas with others. You won't be sorry you made contact with Vinny." - Scott Grossberg

What will he teach?

G Wave - An ungimmicked, small packet effect.

Wild Time Revisited - A wild card routine inspired by the legendary Shigeo Takagi.

Ambitious Card and Coin - Coins and cards find each other in an impossible manner.

Marini Money Maker - A sure-fire coin flipping technique.

Coin Crimping - Multiple coin sleights utilizing the Crimp - Coin Toss, Put and Take, Retention Vanish, Click Pass, Drop Vanish, Color Changes, Flip Change, Squirt move

Signed Coin Thru Glass - A signed coin penetrates through the bottom of a clear glass.

Scent of a Woman - Script based on the famous Pacino movie. 3 cards are torn and placed into a bag...the Godfather is blindfolded and divines the selected pieces.

Bill in Balloon - $100 Bill transposition based on an idea by Mark Jenest.

Arlene the Psychic Elephant - A spectator is able to find another spectator's selection using some help from Arlene, the Psychic Elephant!

Who is he?

Vinny has been creating, sharing, and performing magic his entire life. He learned sleight of hand from Bruce Elliot as a teenager in NYC and has been in love with magic ever since. He is the author of multiple DVDs, the inventor of numerous original sleights, and collaborates with magicians from all over the world on his website ( He performs private shows regularly in the greater Los Angeles area and as well as the Magic Castle in Hollywood.