Wand To Cane (Black) by JL Magic - Trick

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1. Black wand with 4 steps

2. Maximum length is about 88cm, maximum length is about 26cm

3. Thickest thickness is about 17.5cm, thinnest thickness is about 12.5cm

Performance: The wand inmagician's hand disappears in a moment, and it appears and disappears again and again in magician's body.

Product features: both cap parts (white part) of the product are handmade in Korea. So it's handmade, so it's a little bit foreign or not regular. Thank you for your understanding. The product is very good. Points to consider when purchasing a product: The product you send is an expanding wand. This video is produced using a combination of a cane jumping machine, an affiliation cane, and an elongated wand.

Products other than the Kane Jumping Machine are purchased separately, so if you want to produce a video like this, please purchase the Kane Jumping Machine and two appearing cane separately.